Will going to treatment risk losing my jobs?

People who are looking to find treatment, also wonder what are the risk of getting treatment? Such as will people judge me? Will I lose my job?

This are all very sensitive questions, however the larger goal is for you to get your life back. Based on all the sources we have talk to, it is against the law to fire someone for going to treatment or being on medication (such as methadone, etc).  As long as you have stopped using. Keep in mind if you are on any type of medically assisted treatment, that was prescribed to you legally by a medical doctor.  

We know there is the ongoing challenge with the stigma and lack of understand in different types of treatment options.  For example medically assisted drug treatment.  If you were looking for a job and somehow the employer found out you were going to treatment, they could just deny employment without giving a reason, etc. This is similar to other situations where employers do not hire someone.

What about for the medically assisted treatment and having to do random drug test at work?

Some employers do require the random drug test for safety and liability reason, etc.  In talking to providers, they have found that a majority of drug test do not show methadone on the results.   For DOT type of drug test [truck drivers, railroad, etc] they are more likely to look for methadone.  However in most cases the test facility (not the employer) will double check the prescription databases to see if you have a legal prescription for it, etc.

Providers know that confidentiality is important, as well as keeping your job. Therefore for those on medically-assisted treatment, majority if not all of the providers are open very early in the morning, so folks can get treatment before they go to work.


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Disclaimer:  The information above is provided to help you or your loved one find treatment. Given the many different types of substance abuse, types of treatment providers, and varying state laws. This answer could vary.  However, we want to help people.  So when in doubt it, you can always ask the treatment provider(s) directly. Their goal is to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or talk to multiple providers. The main thing is you take the important step to get help from licensed and qualified professionals today.

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