About TreatmentHub365


Our Mission:

TreatmentHub365 provides the first comprehensive online appointment site for Addiction and Mental Illnesses. We have built a user friendly search engine connecting the largest database of addiction and mental health providers in the US with the 80 millions + people in need of treatment. TreatmentHub365 enables individuals to identify their struggles, then search for available treatment options in a preselected area and finally make an online appointment instantly. TreatmentHub365 is unique because it removes the barriers and frustrations of finding treatment, having to call a 1-800 number or toll free number and explain problems and struggles to someone they don’t know. Because we encourage individuals to make instant real time appointments online using their mobile phones, tablets and computers in the comfort of their home, at the most convenient time for them and in total confidentiality; individuals feel empowered to find and to choose the service they need. TreatmentHub365 can also be used as a referral tool by individuals and professionals who want to know what treatment is available in a selected area.
TreatmentHub365 increases and improves access and opportunities to addiction and mental health treatment and advocates for individuals to achieve healthy lives.


Who We Are:

Too many times, we have witnessed how individuals with addiction and mental illnesses have been under served and stigmatized, so the founders started TreatmentHub365 with the premise that they have the capacity to help individuals with the disease of addiction and mental health find an easy and convenient way to treatment. TreatmentHub365 is the first of its kind and no model like ours exists as far as our research indicates.
The founders of TreatmentHub365 have 14 years experience in the field of addiction and mental health treating thousands of patients over the years. The founders also have experience in the field of business, law and marketing.


A Few Statistics:

  • Over 80 million individuals with the disease of substance abuse do not get treatment.
  • 1 in 5 individuals live with a serious mental illness and experience a mental health issue in their lifetime.
  • Suicide has become the 8th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • 1 in 9 deaths among adults between the ages of 20 and 64 are due to excessive alcohol consumption, the CDC says in a report released in 2014. That means some 88,000 people die a year as a result of drinking too much. The majority of those are men — about 70%.


The Industry We Serve:

We believe the stigma associated with addiction and mental health problems leads individuals to conceal their problems and avoid treatment. We also believe that individuals do not seek treatment because they feel shame in acknowledging there is a problem. Individuals report feeling disgraced, embarrassed, discriminated against, rejected and shunned when they have acknowledged that they have an addiction or mental health illness. Therefore, because of the stigma associated with getting treatment, because of the misconceptions of treatment and recovery and because people do not know how to find treatment, there is a large population of individuals who do not seek help. We, at TreatmentHub365 believe that the big majority of individuals don’t seek help because they don’t know where to look and where to go, and also nobody wants to call an 1-800 number or toll free number and have the “torture” to explain what is wrong with them. Here comes TreatmentHub365 with its online search and instant online appointment tool. We believe TreatmentHub365 is filling a void.


Our Commitment to Providers

  1. TreatmentHub365 is transparent. Although we are committed to this field, we do not represent a certain treatment modality, approach, clinic or company. TreatmentHub365 has the goal of presenting as many choices as possible to individuals so that they can be empowered to seek treatment, choose the treatment that best accommodates their needs, make a real time confidential appointment and start the recovery process.
  2. As of now, TreatmentHub365 services are free of charge for individuals and providers. We reserve the right to change the business model where providers would be charged a monthly fee or a charge per click and a charge per appointment. Advertisement on TreatmentHub365 site could be considered too. Revenues, if any, would be specifically allocated to the following 3 areas:  a) nationwide and local ongoing marketing, awareness and outreach efforts; b) continuing to improve the search engine/database technologies; c) minimal support/operating cost.


Why We Must Succeed at Our Mission:

TreatmentHub365 demystifies and reduces the stigma associated with addiction and mental health illnesses. These diseases should be treated and regarded in the same way as other chronic physical illnesses. We know that addiction and mental health illnesses are killing individuals, family members and friends. But most important we know there is success with treatment and there is hope. TreatmentHub365 is so needed because it encourages and empowers individuals to find online the service that they need in total confidentiality and the comfort of their home. No more tough and tiring phone explanations to an unknown individual who doesn’t care.